iBosses Corporate | Premium Business Advisory
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Premium Business Advisory


You are the boss of an established SME, ready to take your business to the next level. You demand nothing but the best partners to work with, from developing the right systems to replicate your business model in new markets and segments, to getting it prepared for the most profitable exit strategy possible.


iBosses is ready to work hand in hand with you to succeed, using the same strategies that enabled it to list in 11 months!


However, you don’t have to figure out the IPO process alone. iBosses has a proven system which enabled it to go from Idea to IPO in only 11 months, and now we can show you how!


Our relationship starts with you asking one crucial question:


Am I Doing It Right?


How do I replicate my business in other market segments?

How do I get greater and easier access to future funding?

How much is my company actually worth?

How do I make my business attractive for an M&A?

How do I list for a fraction of what it usually costs?


Much more than just a consulting exercise, our IPO Advisory is a tailor made process where our experts will work closely together with you every step of the way to…


  • Transform your business for the digital age.
  • Implement total quality management systems.
  • Develop franchising and licensing systems.
  • Replicate your business in other segments and markets.
  • Planning and execution of customised exit strategies.
  • Formation of Board of Directors for IPO.
  • Assist with fund raising.



Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™


The iBosses methodology is based on Dr Khor’s Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™, a systematic approach that identifies the eight stages of your business’ evolution.


iBosses’ IPO Advisory Services allows you to work closely with our experts to develop and implement advanced business strategies from levels 6 to 8, utilising the same system used to list iBosses in 11 months.