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iBosses Media Coverage


  • iBosses on Sky News Business 28th September 2015
  • iBosses on Switzer TV 22nd October 2015
  • The Startup to Help Startups

iBosses: Fostering part-time entrepreneurs



Patrick Khor, founder & CEO of iBosses, introduces the Singapore-based start-up which provides tailor-made training and consultancy programs for entrepreneurs.

iBosses on Sky News Business 28th September 2015


Interview with Dr Patrick Khor, iBosses. iBosses is an international entrepreneur coaching company. It’s set to list on the ASX this week. The company offers an eight step program to assist time poor entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of starting up a new business. Khor says iBosses can help people take an idea and turn it into an IPO, if that’s what someone wants. He talks about the digital entrepreneur platform and what if offers. He says it will allow entrepreneur to work with other like-minded people, as well as mentors.


iBosses on Switzer TV 22nd October 2015


Interview with Patrick Khor, iBosses Corporation Limited. Khor explains the history of iBosses, explaining he’s an IT graduate and they started their business in the UK. He says he worked with Motorola for sometime, and loved working there. He says it took a few attempts to launch a successful business. He says the online community is around 118,000. He says they see great ideas in Australia and they believe that iBosses can help internationalise the ideas.

The Startup to Help Startups


iBosses is a one-stop shop offering tailored programs for budding entrepreneurs and hopes to be able to expand into the Australian market.


Nicole Chia reports.