iBosses Corporate | Junior Entrepreneur Bootcamp
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Junior Entrepreneur Bootcamp (For ages 10 and up)


Do you still believe in this digital age economy that getting good grades and finding a job is the best way for your children to achieve financial security?


If we could show you a way to help your kids develop the passion, mind-set and skills to thrive as future digital age entrepreneurs, don’t you owe it to them to explore this great opportunity?


Even better, join the Junior Entrepreneur Bootcamp with your child, build a new business together and get a discount off total course fees. A fantastic learning and bonding experience for your family!


iBosses aims to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and help the families in our international community embrace the entrepreneurial culture. Your children will benefit by…


  • Learning money management skills and to appreciate the value of money.
  • Becoming more mature and responsible, and being equipped to contribute to their families.
  • Strengthening their bonds with parents, especially if they attend the course together.
  • Developing entrepreneurial qualities such as creativity, perseverance and adaptability.
  • Honing their analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Immersion into digital technologies for business applications.
  • Increasing their employability if they choose a job instead, as companies now want to hire “intrapreneurs”.



Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™


The iBosses methodology is based on Dr Khor’s Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™, a systematic approach that identifies the eight stages of your business’ evolution. In the Junior Entrepreneur Bootcamp, the fundamentals of levels 1 to 3 will be covered, from turning passion into commercial ideas, to developing a business model and testing it before product launch.