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Business Accelerator


Congratulations! You are running a business that is proven and making money. It is now time for you to scale up your business or perhaps you are even considering possible exit strategies. Your top concerns are how to achieve all these in the most efficient and low risk way.


Well the good news is that you don’t have to face these challenges alone. iBosses can work together with you to succeed, using the same strategies that enabled it to list in 11 months!


Our relationship starts with you asking one crucial question:


Am I Doing It Right?


How do I replicate my business in other market segments?

How do I get greater and easier access to future funding?

How much is my company actually worth?

How do I make my business attractive for an M&A?

How do I list for a fraction of what it usually costs?


Much more than just an academic course, joining our Business Accelerator Program also lets you plug into the iBosses business community of 130,000 members to fire up your business!


  • Consult the best mentors, successful business owners and key industry players.
  • Monthly seminars and networking sessions.
  • Gain insights into real business environments and challenges.
  • Save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and minimising risk.
  • Start-ups that achieve SGD1M in valuation may get an investment from iBosses.
  • Leverage our networks in Asia as your gateway for regional expansion.
  • Opportunities to become a strategic partner of iBosses as an Ambassador or a Licensee.



Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™


The iBosses methodology is based on Dr Khor’s Entrepreneurship Maturity Model™, a systematic approach that identifies the eight stages of your business’ evolution.


In Listing Accelerator, the fundamentals of levels 6 to 8 will be covered, including an assessment of how ready your business is and guidance with the same system that allowed iBosses to list in 11 months.